If you went out in the streets and fired off guns in the air on the day Sepp Blatter resigned as FIFA President, you were obviously premature in your celebration. Or mistaken. Or maybe both.

You see, Uncle Sepp has become that senile man we all love to invite over for Christmas dinner, allow to unwrap his latest tie, but then return him to the senior-care facility that his 79-year old, dementia-ridden mind needs to survive.

Either that, or he’s a megalomanical, power-thirsty tyrant of a rich man who rules without true oversight.

Or maybe both.

His fiefdom is one built on paying off enough friends to keep him unscathed, himself well-kept through the exorbitant fees demanded by FIFA to land the World Cup.

What may be most amazing at this point is that FIFA hasn’t forced the endgame for this relic already. Has Blatter threatened to lower the boom on all of his cronies, should they thrust the knife in his back to save their own bacon? You can bet the guy who can’t seem to recall resigning will all of the sudden have a perfect memory of all the illegal transactions that took place under his watch. And of course, you can be sure that he tried to stop all of this corruption – at least that’s what his story will be to the investigators.

That leaves the Executive Committee and Confederation chiefs no choice but to let Blatter continue to call the shots (and fly in private jets while eating meals that make Chuck Blazer’s look like a bowl of Ramen). Can you blame them for not all-of-the-sudden developing a conscience for doing what’s right?

What does this mean for all of us, the fans of soccer around the world? That depends on the criminal investigations currently underway. Based on his statements today, it might lead one to believe that he’s pretty sure that he is in the clear.

If his cronies believe that he will skate, Blatter then has the power play he needs. Turn on him and he’ll make sure you come along for the shame-filled ride. Stay the course and enjoy the ill-gotten (and ill-deserved) rewards.

The game is what suffers, as we see the conclusion of the turf-riddled Women’s World Cup and face the prospects of unbearable heat in Qatar in 2022. Sure the game will go on, but not without the disgraceful bilking of millions from countries whose people largely can’t afford it.