What we know so far about Russia’s alleged corruption to win 2018 World Cup bid

An MI6 investigation into the Russian bid also unearthed deep involvement from Chelsea owner and Chairman Roman Abramovich, and unearthed other alleged corrupt practices from the bid during a spying operation.

All of these allegations, should they prove to be credible, would be more than enough evidence to constitute a re-vote for the 2018 World Cup host. Whether the FBI investigation will unearth more, and whether they will actually be able to press charges against corrupt officials involved in these claims is another question entirely, since none of the bribery looks to have taken place in the US, using US currency, or had money transfers made through US banks, which would allow the Treasury, DOJ and FBI to investigate under US law.

The FBI’s investigation into the Russian bid may unearth just as much dirt as they have into the Qatari bid, but now the question is whether they will be able to act on what they find. They may need cooperation from officials in Switzerland and England if they are to bring any more charges on these claims.

But to those who believe Russia’s bid was somehow “cleaner” than Qatar’s? The evidence is overwhelming against that.


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