Premier League viewing figures on NBC Sports increase 9% compared to last season


NBC Sports broke the record for the greatest average viewership of Premier League matches on US television when it averaged 479,000 viewers per game for the 2014/15 season. That was 9% greater than the 2013/14 average of 438,000. And the 2013/14 average was 114% greater than the 2012/13 average of 220,000 viewers when the games were on FOX Sports, ESPN and ESPN2.

From 2012/13 when FOX Sports and ESPN had the Premier League rights, NBC Sports has grown the average viewing audience by a whopping 1178 to its current 479,000 average.

Other milestones that NBC Sports hit this season included:

1. NBC aired 3 of the 4 most-watched live Premier League matches in U.S. TV history this season, including Manchester United-Arsenal on Saturday, Nov. 22, which averaged 1.41 million viewers to rank as the most-watched live Premier League match in U.S. history.

2. In just two years televising the Premier League, 12 of the 15 most-watched PL matches in U.S. TV history have aired on NBC and NBCSN, including seven during the 2014-15 season.

3. NBCSN has televised 4 of the 5 most-watched Premier League matches in U.S. cable history, including Manchester United-Manchester City on Sunday, April 12, which averaged 1.13 million viewers to rank as the most-watched Premier League match in U.S. cable television history.

4. NBCSN’s Liverpool-Manchester United match on Sunday, March 22 averaged 950,000 viewers to rank as the most-watched early morning (before 10 a.m. ET) Premier League match in U.S. television history.

5. NBC’s Arsenal-Crystal Palace match on Saturday, Aug. 16 averaged 885,000 viewers, ranking as the most-watched opening weekend match in U.S. history.

6. Viewers consumed a record total of 317 million minutes of live Premier League action via NBC Sports Live Extra during the 2014-15 season – up 22% from last season.

7. Coverage on Wednesday, March 4, set a single-day Premier League live-streaming record for minutes NBC Sports Live Extra (7.7 million) and included seven matches.

8. Chelsea’s 1-0 win against Manchester United on Saturday, April 18, ranks as the most-streamed weekend PL match in history, with more than 85,000 uniques on NBC Sports Live Extra.

Plus, now that the 2014/15 Premier League season has wrapped up, we can look back at the many benchmarks and new additions that NBC Sports added, which included:

“Tactical Cam” — NBC Sports Live Extra’s high-sideline camera showing all 22 players on the pitch at the same time — enabling fans to see formations and evaluate each team’s attacking and defending tactics — was introduced for the Monday, Aug. 25, Manchester City-Liverpool match.

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