Here’s today’s TV schedule for viewers/readers in the United States:

Sunderland vs Leicester & QPR vs Newcastle & Spurs vs Hull City, 10am, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra
Burnley vs Stoke, 10am, NBC Sports Live Extra
West Ham vs Everton, 10am, NBC Sports Live Extra
Liverpool vs Crystal Palace, 12:30pm, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra

Mute the TV and listen to Rabble for a different experience

For today’s matches, World Soccer Talk Podcast host Nick Webster and World Soccer Talk Radio host Nate Abaurrea will be hosting an audio broadcast online where you can listen and participate.

If you want to listen to a real fan’s broadcast on Rabble instead of the announcers on TV, mute your TV and listen to Nick and Nate on (either on the web or the Rabble iOS app).

Plus you can interact with Nick and Nate by posting comments and asking any soccer-related questions you have on your mind.

Join them at beginning at 9:45am ET this morning.