With the goal of expanding its union of journalistic excellence and compelling long-form storytelling, E:60 presents this ambitious new effort. Under the banner “E:60 Reports with Jeremy Schaap” the show devotes an entire program to an in-depth look at the most powerful man in the world of sports and the oft-criticized organization he oversees – Sepp Blatter and FIFA.

At the end of May, FIFA President Sepp Blatter is overwhelmingly expected to win re-election as head of soccer’s world governing body. It would be his fifth term, and give him over two decades in control of the game that is followed by billions. But Blatter’s reign at FIFA has been marred by scandal, lack of transparency, allegations of corruption, racism, sexism, mismanagement and outright ineptitude. It all culminated in the firestorm around the selection of Qatar as host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Qatar is a tiny country with little history in the game, without the necessary infrastructure and with a record of human right abuses. After months of filming across the globe, speaking with top voices in the sport — including the three candidates hoping to unseat Mr. Blatter — and people who have known Blatter for decades, Jeremy Schaap and his team of producers present the most complete look at this enigmatic figure done by television. From his beginnings in a modest Swiss household, through his rise to power, to his ability to hold on at the top of the beautiful game despite a storm of criticism, E:60 Reports delivers a riveting portrait of the man and the sport he oversees.

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