An American travels to see Championship playoff between Brentford and Middlesbrough

For every moment of extreme joy and jubilation like the ones I experienced the last two weekends at The Hive and Vicarage Road, there are going to be even more moments of despair and wondering what could have been. I really felt for the Brentford fans when Middlesbrough went in front. It is the most awful feeling to be so close to the biggest achievement in your club’s history and then have it snatched from you at the last. With that being said, any true soccer supporter has to have those moments because when the extreme highs do come, it makes it all the more sweeter and memorable. Roll on the second leg of this amazing tie, and best of luck to Brentford Football Club in their bid for promotion to the Premier League. I will definitely be supporting them and will continue to do so in the Championship if they do not go up. Brentford Football Club, thanks for an amazing night and some amazing memories, even if the end result was not what was desired.


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