Leicester City manager Nigel Pearson walked out of his post-match press conference Wednesday night after calling a journalist “daft” and “stupid” for asking a question that Pearson was upset with.

After watching Leicester City lose 3-1 at home to Chelsea, Pearson talked about “the amount of criticism and negativity [his players] have had to endure over the course of the season.” Journalist Ian Baker, from the Wardles press agency, asked Pearson to expand on the manager’s suggestion that his players had received unfair criticism this season, and to cite examples.

You can watch Pearson’s response in the video below.

Since it’s difficult to hear the audio of what the journalist was saying, here’s the transcript from the incident:

Ian Baker: What criticism are you talking about?

Nigel Pearson: Have you been on holiday for six months? Have you been away for six months?

Baker: I am not quite sure what specific criticism you are referring to?

Pearson: I think you must have been either head in the clouds or away on holiday or reporting on a different team because if you don’t know the answer to that question your question is absolutely unbelievable the fact you do not understand where I am coming from. If you don’t know the answer to that question then I think you are an ostrich. Your head must be in the sand. Is your head in the sand? Are you flexible enough to get your head in the sand? My suspicion would be no.

Baker: Probably not.

Pearson: I can, you can’t. You can’t. Listen you have been here often enough and for you to ask that question, you are either being very, very silly or you are being absolutely stupid, one of the two because for you to ask that question, I am sorry son, you are daft.

Baker: There hasn’t been much harsh criticism of the players.

Pearson: You are wrong. No, you are wrong. You have been in here, I know you have so don’t give that crap with me, please don’t give that crap with me. I will smile at you because I can afford to smile at you. Now do you want to ask a different question or do you want to ask it differently. Come on, ask it. Ask it or are you not capable?

Baker: I just don’t know what you, erm…

Pearson: You don’t know. What’s erm?

Baker: I don’t know how you’ve taken that question.

Pearson: Well you must be very stupid. I’m sorry.

In Baker’s defense, we’re not aware of any examples of Pearson’s Leicester players being criticized either. On the other hand, it’s Pearson who is the one who’s been criticized several times for his behavior where he’s called a journalist a pri*k, told a Leicester supporter to “f**k off and die,” and grabbed a Crystal Palace player by the throat.

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