Yahoo! shuts down fantasy MLS game 7 weeks into season


Despite the fact that the Major League Soccer season is just seven weeks into its regular season, Yahoo! Sports has announced that they have shut down their fantasy MLS league. The company has stated that they are canning the fantasy league to focus on their Fantasy Sports app.

While Yahoo! is closing their fantasy MLS league, it appears as if they are still currently running their Barclays Premier League fantasy league.

Yahoo! also proclaimed earlier in the week that they will be entering the daily fantasy sports business.  Companies such as DraftKings and FanDuel have owned the daily fantasy sports market for a last few years, but with Yahoo! entering the lucrative business, fans could benefit from competition between the companies.

Nevertheless, there is good news for MLS fans that still want to play fantasy soccer. Despite Yahoo! ending their league mid-season, the official league website has created a fantasy sports league called the “Fashionably Late League”.

The fantasy game allows players to compete against other users that are just now signing up.  This ensures that all fantasy managers will have a fair and equal chance at succeeding for the rest of the season.  MLS fans can go to to begin their new fantasy soccer campaign.


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