Towns and cities in the USA that have Premier League club names


Not since The Beatles first landed in 1964 has a British export enjoyed as much success in the United States as the Premier League.

Beginning with David Beckham’s stint with the LA Galaxy and continuing with a Gareth Bale billboard in Times Square, the English game has pervaded American popular culture has become a regular habit for many Americans.

But how likely are you to run into a town who shares a name with your favorite Premier League club?

Surprisingly, there are many familiar names throughout the US, such as the ones below.

Arsenal – Given Arsenal are one of the more popular clubs in North America, it’s disappointing there is no Arsenal, USA.

However, as Tottenham Hotspur fans never tire of reminding them, Arsenal used to play south of the River Thames as Woolwich Arsenal. And there is a Woolwich on the idyllic Maine coast, but it’s unlikely many residents of that beach town are aware of their link to the mustachioed fellows who played at the club that would one day become the only side in Premier League history to go a whole season undefeated.

Plus, there’s a Woolwich in New Jersey.

Aston Villa – With such an exotic name, it’s unsurprising Aston Villa doesn’t have an American namesake. However there is an Aston Township in western Pennsylvania, if that’s any consolation. But apart from that, US Villa fans will have to make do with the Randy Lerner connection.

Chelsea – As if Chelsea didn’t have enough going for them right now, there is a Chelsea, Massachusetts, which is less than an hour outside of Boston — as well as Chelseas in New York City, Alabama and Michigan.

Crystal Palace – Like Aston Villa, it was never likely we’d find a Crystal Palace, USA. There is, however, a Crystal, Minnesota.

Everton – Surprisingly, while some clubs have no namesakes, Everton has three towns who share its name.

There are Evertons in Indiana, Arkansas and Missouri. The largest one is in Missouri, boasting a population of a massive 319. And given the underdog nature of the club, it’s a fair bet there are more Liverpool fans than Toffees in that particular rural mid-western town.

Hull – While Hull are currently floundering near the bottom of the Premier League table, there’s finally some good news for the Tigers. There are five Hulls in the US. The Hull in Massachusetts is famous for being the hometown of President Calvin Coolidge. Meanwhile, there are also Hulls in Georgia, Iowa, Texas and Illinois.

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