Shaun Wright-Phillips is happier sitting on a "fantastic contract" than leaving QPR for first-team football, according to boss Harry Redknapp.

Redknapp rejected complaints from Wright-Phillips he is in the dark over why he has featured just once at Rangers this season.

The QPR manager revealed the 33-year-old has rejected numerous chances to leave Loftus Road, despite Redknapp telling him he "needs to move on".

Redknapp addressed Wright-Phillips' concerns while also claiming "I take no notice" of rumors he is one game away from the sack.

"I've told Shaun, of course I've told him, he needs to go on loan or move permanently," said Redknapp, ahead of QPR hosting Manchester United in Saturday's Barclays Premier League clash.

"But he's not going to move when he's got a fantastic contract.

"Let's all sit and talk straight, when you're earning X amount of pounds, and someone wants to give you money that's nowhere near that, you're not going to go are you?

"It's no-one's fault that Shaun's got a great contract, good luck to him, someone gave it to him.

"It's all about opinions, someone else could come in and put Sean straight in the team.

"That's the game.

"He played for me when I first came here in the Premier League, I've got no problems with him, I like him an awful lot.

"If I didn't, I'd say so.

"He comes out, trains well, works hard, earns fantastic money, he's got a great contract, good luck to him.

"When he's had a chance on loan, Blackburn, Bolton, Charlton, they've come in for him and he's said 'I'm not interested', he didn't want to know.

"He wouldn't consider it.

"He doesn't want to go on loan.

"But even a permanent deal, who's going to pay the same money he has here? It's difficult.

"But let's be honest, you can't blame the boy.

"No-one's blaming him; he's got a great contract.

"In the long-term he needs to move on and play football, and I've said that to him many times."

Former Tottenham boss Redknapp claimed he has the continued backing of owner Tony Fernandes despite rumors he will be sacked if QPR lose to United this weekend.

"It's in one paper yeah, but who knows?" said Redknapp.

"You've got to beat Man United? They could have picked an easier one, couldn't they?

"I take no notice of that.

"I've got a great relationship with the club and the shareholders.

"It's their decision, if they feel they want to make a change and go in a different direction, they've given me great support, I've loved every minute of my time here and want to stay, but if they decide otherwise that's their decision.

"They are entitled to do that and there's nothing I can do about that.

"I can't lose any sleep over it.

"But I spoke to Tony yesterday, he's not mentioned anything of that nature to me, and until he does, I'll keep doing what I do.

"It's up to other people at the club.

"It's not easy, no-one's pretending otherwise."