5 Questions For Liverpool FC Supporters About Gerrard, Balotelli, Rodgers and More


As the calendar turns to 2015, things are not going as planned for Liverpool FC supporters.

Liverpool exited the Champions League after a series of poor performances in group play, Daniel Sturridge has been injured the majority of the season, the new arrivals – most notably Balotelli – have yet to find their form, and after a disappointing tie with bottom-of-the-table Leicester City on New Year’s Day, Liverpool finds itself in eighth place with 29 points.

Liverpool has reached the midway point of the Premier League season with plenty of questions, so we’ve brought together an esteemed panel of Liverpool supporters in an attempt to find some answers.

Stuart Fearon, a member of the Houston LFC supporter’s club, was born into a LFC family in Liverpool, “although I have plenty of blue-nosed cousins, but that’s their problem.” He’s lived stateside for 28 years. You can find him on Twitter @3lions1962 and can follow Houston LFC @HoustonLFC.

Scott Gregory is law student from North Central Ohio who’s closely followed LFC since discovering Steven Gerrard’s scoring abilities in FIFA ’06. Follow him on Twitter @ScjGreg.

William Bryson has been a Liverpool supporter since 1991, when the exploits of a young Macca first caught his eye via the family’s newly-installed satellite dish. He has 30 years and counting as player, ref or coach of the world’s greatest game. Follow him on Twitter @Bbo13.

Bryn Griffiths is a member of the LFC Madison supporter’s club and a lifelong Liverpool supporter. “While my Mum and Dad are both Liverpool supporters, the inspiration for my LFC love really came from my Dad.” He was the youngest of four brothers growing up in Liverpool in the ’50s and ’60s, playing footy in bombed-out churches and on cobbled streets and although his Dad was a Liverpool supporter, too, all of his older brothers were Evertonians (“Dad/Granddad – I am eternally grateful for your excellent taste in football teams!”). Follow the club on Twitter @LFCWisconsin.

Question 1: Of all the things that are currently wrong with the club, which one worries you the most?

Stuart: Off the field, I think the club has been making progress in improving the commercial side, which had long been neglected by former club chairman David Moores. We lost ground and are now trying to catch up. On the playing side, it’s the spine of the team, from center forward, center midfield, center of defense through to goalkeeper. There are too many question marks and weaknesses in these areas, whether that’s through injury, poor signings or loss of form, it doesn’t matter – we are just not solid in these key areas.

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