Dirty Tackle Blog Returns! An Interview With Brooks Peck


Last month, it was reported that the popular soccer blog Dirty Tackle was no more. Thankfully, we’re here to report that Dirty Tackle has returned. The popular and irreverent blog is no longer on Yahoo Sports, but Brooks Peck — the man behind the site — is here to update everyone on the future of the blog. And, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, where to find it.

Here’s our exclusive interview with Dirty Tackle’s Brooks Peck:

Christopher Harris (CH): In your opinion, Is the cry that “soccer blogs are dead” premature?

Brooks Peck (BP): Very much so. The landscape has definitely changed, though. When DT first started in 2008, there was a good number of soccer blogs, but almost all of them were independent labors of love. Too many of those have now fallen by the wayside for various reasons good and bad, but now it seems just about every major sports site has its own soccer blog (or multiple soccer blogs) run by people actually getting paid to do it. And that’s great.

CH: What was the reason that Yahoo shut Dirty Tackle down? And is the rumor true that it was part of the mass layoffs at Yahoo Sports.

BP: I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to answer that.

CH: What did you learn from the experience of having your blog on Yahoo?

BP: A lot! More than I could ever list here. But the biggest takeaway from a blogging standpoint — especially since what I do on DT can be a bit…strange at times — is that freedom, both creatively and logistically, is invaluable. I was lucky enough to be afforded that for the majority of my time with Yahoo and I always appreciated it. From a soccer standpoint, I learned that trying to defend the game against someone who has nothing better to do than bash something they don’t like is a complete waste of time that can be put to much better use talking to the huge number of people who do enjoy the game. In other words, “don’t feed the trolls.”

CH: How do you plan to make money from Dirty Tackle so you can continue with it being your full time job?

BP: Ideally Ryan Bailey, who was a DT contributor from the 2010 World Cup up through the 2014 World Cup, and I would like to plug it into a new platform. DT has built up a considerable following and the exposure and name recognition it’s had thanks to Yahoo over the last five years provide a strong foundation for further growth and development. The amount of interest since parting ways with Yahoo has been flattering, but another thing I’ve learned is that taking the time to find the right situation is important. So that’s what I’m doing right now.

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