A comprehensive guide to English soccer TV commentators and co-commentators



The former Nottingham Forest footballer can be a bit dour to listen to at times, and can be boring. His unmistakable voice makes him stand out from the crowd, however. 



Out of all of the co-commentators, Mark Bright is one of the fastest talkers. The former Crystal Palace and Liverpool footballer has a one-of-a-kind voice among co-commentators, so he’s easily recognizable with his squeaky voice. Unfortunately he doesn’t appear as a co-commentator for Premier League games that often anymore. 



The former Charlton manager can be seen and heard on Sky Sports News more often than as a co-commentator for Premier League matches, but Curbs does make an appearance now and again. He’s pleasurable to listen to, but don’t expect any thoroughly revealing insights. 



The former Arsenal right back can be heard on both ITV in England and NBC Sports in America (on Saturdays). The Telegraph newspaper recently gave the pundit an A- rating for his work on the World Cup and called Dixon “a man expected to be eclipsed by the starrier names surrounding him, and yet – on closer inspection – turning out to be better than any of them. (Dixon is) lucid, insightful and not afraid to offer assertive opinions.”



Donaldson has an unmistakable Scottish accent and keen eye for the game. Whether he’s commentating Bundesliga games for ESPN International or co-commentating World Cup or European Championship qualifiers, Donaldson is a pleasure to listen to. 



Currently a guest on Football Dynamics on Bloomberg Africa, Ekoku is a respected pundit and former player. Picked by ESPN to deliver coverage of the 2010 World Cup, Ekoku works with Premier League Productions and is able to give unique perspectives on games as a English-born Nigerian. 



The former English footballer, who has the distinction for being the first-ever million pound signing in England when he moved from Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest, has the annoying habit of being too critical on players after they make mistakes (he should have headed it on target, he should have dribbled it past the keeper, etc). However, lately he’s been much improved and a lot easier to listen to.



The professional goalkeeper has started co-commentating Premier League matches for IMG during the 2013/14 season, and so far the American is doing adequately. He’s reserved and understated, but Friedel has a lot of wisdom to share particularly about goalkeeping and his experience in big game situations. Friedel will hopefully grow into the position in the near future.

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