11 Most Entertaining Pitch Invaders In Soccer History [VIDEO]


The pitch invasion. Once a rare spectacle that would often be mentioned by commentators or pundits, but hardly ever seen. Here in the UK, cameras would pan to other areas of the ground or cut back to the studio. The thinking was to show such incidents would encourage them, despite the harsh penalties often handed to fans that dared to entire the field of play! Having seen streakers at both Premiership football and an NFL game, as well as all manner of animals invading the pitches of football teams across the globe, I enjoy the surreal nature that some of these incidents create. Now sometimes, I like something a bit odd to go off in a soccer match. When an invader often occurs these days, they’re often good natured and the fans respond with cheers and songs. I’ve collected some of my favorite, funniest and furry pitch invaders for your entertainment and amusement!

11. West Ham United vs Tottenham Hotspur, 2014

When the Premiership returned back in August, one of the more notable talking points was that from the West Ham against Tottenham game when one fan decided he fancied his chances of testing West Ham’s goalkeeper to liven up a dull game. Hammers fan Jordan Dunn had got bored and was apparently a little tipsy when he tried to slot a free kick home in the 63rd minute. Of course, his involvement saw the referee add some additional time on, which allowed Eric Dier to slot home the winner for Spurs on his debut and leave Jordan’s team empty handed.

10. Barnsley vs Manchester United, 2009

Usually, here in the UK, the tendency is to ignore anyone who encroaches into the playing area, but thankfully these days, the multimedia mobiles offer us an opportunity to enjoy these rare moments when fans upload such moments from games or the action catches the camera men completely out, such as this gem on a wet night back in 2009 when Barnsley entertained Manchester United. Clearly, these lads were not wearing the correct footwear, but it’s a lovely move and smart finish!

9. Luxembourg vs Russia, 2013

Of course, when it comes to entering the field of play, scoring is all well and good, but what about a bit of dribbling trickery that leaves the stewards for dead, before finishing with a delightful slide into the net. To be fair, I was watching Luxembourg, I’d be picking this guy for the next game.

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