Manchester United: Interview with David Herman of One United USA

David: When the fixture list is announced, we choose brief visits around the biggest matches of the year (that often coincide with holidays and in previous seasons, Champions League knockout stages). Having secured official status for each season, we have the ability to petition for as many tickets as those choosing to join our exclusive tours.

To keep our tours intimate and the experience worthwhile, we cap participation to around 20-25 people per tour. From individuals to entire families, each tour reflects the cross-swatch of United, and soccer enthusiasts, in America. About 20% of our tour attendees have joined us for previous tours.

Because of our long-standing relationship with the club, we are able to secure former players and ambassadors to meet us at the hotel and have known the ‘legends’ for years, thus creating a unique Old Trafford experience not found on their own.

Very unique to our travels to Manchester, we reside in the rival team’s hotel, thus match morning experiences provide interesting asides to breakfast, as players join our tour attendees prior to the match that day.

We also take in another Barclays Premier League match on their other weekend afternoon somewhere in the midlands and often leverage our relationship with the club to attend other exclusive events surrounding match days.

Chris: Obviously there have been sizable changes both on and off the pitch at Manchester United over the course of the last four months, with the club breaking the British transfer record once again to bring Angel Di Maria to the club for £59.7milllion as well as the appointment of Louis van Gaal, with this in mind has there been a discernible change in atmosphere amongst members of One United USA this season as opposed to last year?

David: Interest in United will always be high, based on recent successes and the history of the Club. Despite the somewhat dramatic changes and loss of captains (Rio, Vidic and Evra) and youth players (Welbeck, Cleverley) and even legends such as Giggs and Scholes, more recently, the familiar tie to the long history of success at United has been a bit dramatic, but we’ve always bought big and the club still is a preeminent destination and for the top players.

The reaction from One United USA’s recent newcomers reflect the ebb-and-flow of success over-the-years and the recent interest in the sport in the States, but often don’t place historical evidence

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