Manchester United: Interview with David Herman of One United USA

Like this past Summer, membership privileges include access to training sessions, sponsor and legends events, only for members.

Chris: As I’ve previously mentioned One United USA has been active since the early 90’s, in that time there must have been a fair share of interesting stories and anecdotes involving members. Are there any which particularly stand out for you personally?

David: The relationships that have been cultivated over the years stand out the most, from the manager and players to the laundry ladies and everyone in between, our access to the United family has also been enriched by the hundreds of supporter who join our tours, from every conceivable background and demographic, from nine to 82. Friendships and business relationships are formed and ultimately we have a one united USA Family. One of our tours included those attending taking on the United Staff (both at the old training grounds, The Cliff and at Carrington) in a friendly match. The Club kitted us out and MUTV filmed the match and even though we lost, the respect gained from the Club was that the Yanks can play! We have come a long way since the inception when the first 40 members were all Brits, and now it’s 95% American.

Chris: Having such a significant involvement at the head of the group, there must certainly be a lot of work for you to get through on a weekly basis, just how many hours would you say on average you dedicate to One United USA matters in a normal working week?

David: Through the return visits of United to the States, we’ve been able to find fellow, ardent and committed supporters to contribute to our social communications and keep the flag flying high in predominate markets across the country – from NY Reds to MUFChicago, Dallas Reds and MULA, (Manchester United Los Angeles) who all help contribute to the awareness of an official branch and our Old Trafford tours each season. Personally, as much as any supporter of a football club, it’s an extension of your own enthusiasm, so I suspect it’s more than 20-30 hours a week in keeping up with the latest news, rumours and shared enthusiasm. This doesn’t include tasks completed on match days.

Chris: I know One United USA offers numerous supporters tours to matches at Old Trafford during the course of the season with packages on offer for the upcoming fixtures against both Chelsea and Liverpool. What is the demand like for these trips and just how long do they take to organise?

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