Vincent Tan as a Minority Investor At Chivas USA; What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!


The debacle that Chivas USA has become is an indictment of MLS’s obsession with the shiniest new objects while their current properties rot. Reports are now flying that the team could be put on hiatus, folded, or neither, and as much as we may joke about the empty stadiums and anti-Galaxy fan base, this public wavering that would make Hamlet proud really does a disservice to the fans and players.

However, the solution to this problem and public embarrassment is apparent and available. Reports are circulating that none other than Vincent Tan, current majority owner of Cardiff City, is interested in investing in the club. Originally it was reported that he would be the majority owner in an ownership group, but now it looks like he will only be one investor in a larger group.

This is a mistake, because MLS needs Vincent Tan to save the league’s management and reputation.

If you think hard about it, he is a perfect fit for the Goats. Look at his record with the Bluebirds and you can see that he can bring not only Chivas but MLS as a whole to a higher level.

1. He understands marketing and appealing to an area’s culture. When he took over Cardiff, he made the bold decision to revamp the team’s color scheme to red. This was brilliant on two levels – it referenced the club’s Welsh history and it was a color that appealed to the lucrative Asian market. So what if the fans, media pundits, and league officials hated the fact that he essentially gutted the team’s 100 plus years of history for a quick buck? Visionary leaders have to be able to ignore the screaming masses to make these decisions.

2. He is a modern leader who understands the value of multiple generations working together in the workplace. So many owners of companies do not feel comfortable putting Millennials in positions of authority, but not Mr. Tan! He replaced Iain Moody as the club’s head of recruitment with Alisher Apsalyamovby, a 23-year-old who knew the club inside and out. And by inside and out, I mean he painted the stadium’s walls as part of his summer job before his hiring.

3. He has a keen eye for squad development, more so than the manager who had led the squad to promotion into the Premier League and was fired when they quarrelled over player signings.

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