The cord cutter’s guide to watching soccer on US TV and Internet

If you are like many out there who don’t want to have a monthly cable/satellite bill anymore, but still want to watch live soccer matches, you are in luck. “Cord cutters” now have many different ways to watch live soccer events without having to fork out $50, $60, or $70 a month in television provider fees. Listed below are seven different ways you can get your soccer fix relatively cheaply.

1. Watch games at a pub – Depending on what city/town you live in, there should be pubs or sports bars nearby that will show live soccer matches. Some pubs are designated “homes” for specific soccer teams and will broadcast many (if not all) of their club’s matches.  Many international soccer clubs have American websites that will list certain pubs that show their team’s matches. Click here for a list of soccer friendly pubs throughout America and Canada (note: this is not necessarily a complete list of pro-soccer pubs in North America, it is just a guide).

2. DishWorld – DishWorld is a streaming device that allows its customers to watch certain international television channels without having a cable box or satellite dish.  For $10 a month you can have their sports package which includes seven channels, two of which provides extensive soccer coverage (beIN Sports and One World Sports). The sports package will air Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, and Copa del Rey matches, as well as Arsenal, Barcelona, Chelsea, and Bayern Munich coverage.  For a review of DishWorld’s services, click here.

3. Movie theaters – With help from NBCSN, select movie theaters are now showing one Barclays Premier League game per week for the rest of the 2014-15 season.  33 movie theaters around the country will show a Premier League match on Saturday mornings.  To guarantee top-quality matchups every week, games will be announced every Tuesday.  To view the matchup of the week, buy tickets, and/or to find out if a theater near you will be showing live Premier League matches, click here.

4. MLS Live – For MLS fans, MLS Live offers access through Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Panasonic devices for a fee. To subscribe for the rest of this season, MLS Live charges $31.99. If you would rather pay by the month, it would cost $15.99 per month.  Access to MLS Live will let you view every match of the American professional soccer league.

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