Mondogoal Launches Best-of-Breed Fantasy Soccer Game

There are lots of fantasy soccer games out there, but a new site named Mondogoal has brought something unique and refreshing to the table. Mondogoal has set up a fantasy soccer game where you can compete for cash, every single match day. Combined with a beautiful and easy-to-use design, Mondogoal has emerged as a best-of-breed fantasy soccer game.

The game works on similar principles to other fantasy soccer games out there, in that you pick a team that meets the price conditions, and earn points based on their performances in a game.

Players choose 11 footballers from at least 3 teams and that team must fit under the salary cap of $100 million. Those players earn points for goals, assists and minutes played. Players, dependent on position, can also earn points from shots on target, passes completed, clean sheets, interceptions and saves.

Here’s where it gets interesting. You can create a team on every day when there is a match day in any of the following leagues (EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and MLS). They host matchday, daily and weekly contests and there are plenty of user based competitions too. And if you come out on top, you can win cold, hard cash!

If you think you can manage your fantasy team to victory, you can win money in the process. And in addition to earning bragging rights, you can also win cold, hard cash. Meaning, thanks to Mondogoal — doing what you love most, watching the glorious game of soccer — will now be even more glorious because now you’ll be watching even more soccer, and maybe winning money in the process.

You can choose to compete in any of the aforementioned leagues or in a multi-league system where numerous leagues are accounted for. You can play against your friends or in non-pay games, or you can pay an entry fee to enter contests for money. Signing up is completely free, and you never have to pay a penny if you don’t want to. Being a skill-based game, this game is legal across the majority of the US.

The Mondogoal system utilizes Opta stats, a famous and reliable stats service that will give you every comfort in the reliability of the results. It will display an array of data to allow you to make informed choices. You can review the data and then make your pick of players up to 10 minutes before kick off, meaning there is no annoying line-up surprises to hamper your chances.

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