Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Play a Different Fantasy League This Season

If you’re an avid soccer fan, there’s a probable chance your love of the game has transcended to the next level and you feel the need to be as involved as possible with your favorite teams and players.  Your passion simply can’t be contained with just viewing the game. When it gets to that point, many supporters usually take to the Internet and join a fantasy league to ply their trade at management.

It’s all fun and games to criticize coaches, call for their sacking, and proclaim you could do a better job. So creating a fantasy team, within a tight budget and set parameters, simulates that situation and puts you in control. Every decision is up to you in order to reach the top and strive for glory.

In today’s world, however, there are a number of fantasy soccer leagues to choose from with various rules attached to each one that make it different from the others. This makes it a little overwhelming to decide which one to choose and sign up for.

Euro Fantasy League offers a unique experience by providing many additional features that players are unable to enjoy on other sites. Here are 5 ways that Euro Fantasy League (or EFL) separates itself from the pack:

1. Play a Draft Game

Euro Fantasy League offers a draft game where you can participate after registering on the site for free. You can create your own Draft Game and invite 15 of your friends, or you can join another one someone has already started if an invitation has been sent your way. Once this is completed, you and your friends will select your lists of preferred players from any team and any league in Europe. You are not restricted by a budget, so this really allows you to create a list of the most powerful and skilled players.

With the draft, it works just like a real-world draft.  You’ll end up with fourteen players, eleven of who will be your starters. Because of this, no team will be the same, and everyone will have a truly unique set of players.

2. Play from the top 5 leagues in Europe

While you can certainly play a single league game, EFL offers you the opportunity to play a league across the top 5 divisions in Europe, where you can pick the best players from the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue Un — all in one game.

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