When Soccer Fans Talk About the Seattle Sounders Experience, This Is What They Talk About

An attendance of 64,207. That’s the number of fans that attended a recent rivalry match between the Seattle Sounders and the Portland Timbers at Seattle’s behemoth CenturyLink Field, which it shares with the reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. The Sounders have only been an official member of MLS since their inaugural season in 2009, but its soccer and the Sounders’ deep roots in Seattle fill the so-called “Clink” all season long.

If you were to present the facts as merely numbers and aphorisms, the stats and hype surrounding Seattle Sounders FC could easily be mistaken for an NFL team. Attendance is just a small part of what makes the Sounders matchday experience so unique and infectious. Fans appear in downtown Seattle hours before kickoff, and the March to the Match brings hundreds of fans bearing banners, noisemakers, and flares down the streets from Pioneer Square. The famous marching band, Sound Wave, leads the supporters in before performing on the steps to the stadium to get fans excited as they enter.

The Sounders, celebrating the club’s 40th Anniversary, pulled out all the stops for such an important match; USA World Cup stars Clint Dempsey and DeAndre Yedlin were set to make their first starts since returning from Brazil, and the Sounders had just wrapped up a tight win against the Timbers in the US Open Cup earlier in the week. The loud, bellicose Timbers Army were out for blood as much as their team — both groups were unafraid to show it. From the moment the Sounders’ celebrity co-owner Drew Carey read off the teamsheet to the packed stadium, the Timbers Army strained to try and overpower the noise of the home supporters. It must be said that this usually works —Timbers Army members travel all over the country for their team’s away matches, where they usually out-sing the typical MLS crowd. But not in Seattle. The little sliver of dark green and red had no chance at overpowering the sea of rave green that never stops singing.

When I looked around at the crowd in the CenturyLink during the match, I was struck with the diversity of the stadium. But this isn’t just the beauty of Sounders fans — it’s the beauty of Seattle itself. CenturyLink’s central location in the city and the relative affordability of tickets mean that the Sounders are open to almost anyone. The biggest boost comes from young people, especially those from the Northwest who have likely played recreational soccer their entire lives. This demographic has the most spending power, and many live close enough that they can get to the stadium without much trouble. But families are just as likely to come to games, especially those with kids playing in one of the hundreds of youth leagues in the area.

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