New ‘Pixel Soccer’ Video Game Needs Your Support On Kickstarter

Super Rock Games, an indie gaming company based in London, has created a new computer based video game using pixel art to simulate soccer games for some of the most popular teams in the world. Using top-down design with inspiration from the popular FIFA and Sensible Soccer games, Pixel Soccer combines minimal design with fluid game play to create a fun and interesting style of game that’s seems fun and interesting despite the recent popularity of super-realistic video games.

The game has already been looked at by a few popular video game websites such as Kotaku and ShortList with basic gameplay simulations available for viewing on their Kickstarter page and their YouTube channel. The game has promise but is still short of their £25,000 goal with only £6,944 so far and with a deadline of July 22, this could possibly the second failure for Super Rock Games with their previous game, Super Goal Run, also failing to gain full support.

Characters could have the ability to celebrate goals, react to plays, slide tackle and be cheered on by an animated crowd behind them. Although the team formation is currently only available in a 4-4-2, you can direct the direction your team goes by having the ability to decide if you want an attacking team or a “park the bus” kind of team, including assisted defending where characters you aren’t controlling with close in on the ball in defense. You’re also able to buy and sell players as well as have full control over contract negotiations.

There’s a lot of customization available during game play. You can dive during a play and even have your player throw his water bottle in frustration if substituted, and even force the managers to “debate” during a heated play. You even can control how the crowd celebrates. If you want a Mexican Wave, a Poznan or a smoke flare you got it. Weather is also going to be a factor during games. Rain creates mud which could create injuries and so on.

As of right now there’s only a hand-full of teams and players, some clubs like Seattle Sounders or Barcelona and some National teams like Brazil and Argentina are available but with more funding would come more players and teams as well.

There are five different styles of games you can play — career, custom cup, custom league, custom tournaments and friendlies. And then two more if they reach funding.

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