Biggest Winners and Losers of World Cup 2014

6. USMNT fans at public venues

From an American perspective, this has to be one of the most exciting aspects of the tournament — seeing soccer fans coming out in force in places like Grant Park in Chicago, and Cowboy Stadium, as well as countless bars and pubs nationwide. The amount of passion shown by US fans this summer — in Brazil and the USA — has been extraordinary.

7. Goal-line technology

Video technology’s belated debut on the international stage is a welcome one, since all we ever want is to be completely sure of every goal-line decision. Well, unless you’re Jonathan Pearce. Now it’s time for the Bundesliga and MLS to get with the times and add the technology.

8. Univision

The 2014 FIFA World Cup has opened our eyes to Univision’s soccer coverage. The Spanish-language network has won a significant amount of new viewers thanks to a combination of making all games available via their over-the-air TV network, not requiring authentication for online viewing, and providing out-of-this world goal calls, who make any game on the channel required viewing.

9. Vanishing spray

In another World Cup debut, the spray bottles are welcome addition to the monotony of a wall being lined up. Plus, they’ve given us another British commentator gaffe. 

10. Kia

I’m not in the market for a new car, but if I was, I’d probably turn to Kia, for no other reason than this awesome commercial.



1. Work productivity 

Any excuse to slack off a bit is a welcome one, even in a nation filled with workaholics such as the United States. Those noon ET/9am PT kickoffs provide a perfect opportunity to divert some effort into a much more enjoyable task.

2. ABC

ABC’s decision to only show one out of the 4 USA World Cup games was a shame and lost opportunity. The soonest that ABC can hope to show another USA World Cup game on its over-the-air network channel is 2026. Who knows if ABC will even be around by then.

3. US Open Cup and MLS games 

With multiple World Cup games happening each day, the decision by MLS and USSF to schedule US Open Cup games during the World Cup showed a lack of respect.

The World Cup leaves little time for domestic matches, as much as we may love MLS.

4. England national team

Three games, two goals and just a single point. Not exactly what Nike must have been hoping for when they became England’s official kit sponsor. Despite what I consider to be two well-designed kits, the Three Lions couldn’t play with the same kind of excellence.

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