World Cup Quarterfinals, Semi-Finals and Final Predictions From World Soccer Talk Writers

We polled several of our top writers to get their predictions and analysis on who they think will win the World Cup quarterfinal games, as well as who will advance through the semi-finals and all the way to the World Cup Final at Maracana.

Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of difference in opinion regarding who will progress. Read through our predictions and analysis, and be sure to add your own analysis in the comments section below!


Christopher Harris, Editor & Publisher

We’re due for another upset. I can’t see all four favorites making in into the semi-finals.


France vs Germany: This one is a toss-up, but I’m favoring Germany by a slight margin. While France have been flying, they’ve faced weaker opposition on their path to the quarter-final. They haven’t faced adversity yet, and Germany will bounce back after a weak performance against Algeria.

Brazil vs Colombia: As much as my heart says that I want Colombia to win (Brazil footballers and players are too cocky, in my opinion), my mind says that Brazil will find a way to win this one with the home advantage swinging in their favor.

Argentina vs Belgium: While neither team has looked strong, this may end up being the upset. Argentina look weak defensively, and we saw against the US how Belgium can break quickly and precisely on the counter especially if Romelu Lukaku is playing. My prediction is that Argentina will suffer a shock defeat to Belgium.

Netherlands vs Costa Rica: Netherlands win every day of the week.


Brazil vs Germany: Brazil will be victorious.

Belgium vs Netherlands: Talk about a derby of sorts.


Brazil vs Netherlands: Will the Dutch fail to win for the second World Cup in a row? We’ve seen the cracks in the Brazil team, and I believe that Louis Van Gaal will zero in on Brazil’s vulnerabilities. I’m predicting a tense, dour final, but the Netherlands will win against the odds.


Kartik Krishnaiyer, Senior Managing Editor

I really believe the strength of France’s central midfield trio as well as the backline make them the most complete side in this World Cup. They lack the flair players of so many other top sides. So the big question is whether a superstar like Messi or Neymar carries their nation to victory or whether the better rounded sides which are France or Belgium win the World Cup. The other possibility is that Germany or Holland, two nations with a mixture of players can prevail.

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