Travels In Brazil: How I Became Brazil’s Good Luck Charm Against Chile in the World Cup

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazilians have a reputation of loving soccer with a crazy passion that is unrivaled.  Based on my own experience here (at least after one day), that reputation is fully justified.

We had just arrived into Rio de Janeiro from the US and Diana and I decided to watch the Brazil vs. Chile match amidst a crowd of Brazilians to capture the full atmosphere. We walked over to a bar named Botequim Informal soon after the game had started.  There were Brazilian flags everywhere hanging from above, and painted on the streets.  Speaking of the streets, they were absolutely empty and eerily quiet.  Everyone was watching the game either in their homes or at bars and restaurants.  When people say that everything shuts down in Brazil for their soccer matches, it’s not far from the truth.  We hadn’t even walked one block when we heard screaming from one home.  Then another.  And then everyone on the block was screaming, all from indoors.  Horns started going off.  Fireworks started going off.  That’s how I knew Brazil had just scored.

We finally arrived at Botoquim Informal and it was packed!  A group of Brazilians finally let us have part of their table after we waded through the crowd of customers, all watching the game.  Just about everyone was wearing a Brazil shirt, or at least wearing Brazil colors.  With at least 10 TVs in the joint, any seat had a good view of the game.  A few men were shouting obscenities at every Brazilian mistake and missed chance.  The Brazilians there were absolutely into it, and I figured it’d be fun just watching a game in that atmosphere.  I ended up getting much more than I bargained for.

As I was sitting at my table, watching the game intently, a Brazilian man suddenly appeared next to me and asked to take a picture with him.  I was confused as to why, but figured it was harmless fun so why not?  Soon after, other fans watching wanted to get pictures with me; a woman even brought her dog with her to get a picture with me.  Now I was thoroughly confused.  Some of them started talking to me on Portuguese, and of course I had no idea what they were saying since I understand maybe a total of three words.  But they were very friendly, and gave me high fives and thumbs up and shouts of “go Brazil!”  I thought I might be the butt of some joke as a foreigner, but decided to take it all in stride and have fun with it.

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