The next time a World Cup hater complains about 0-0 soccer scorelines, show them highlights of yesterday’s Brazil-Mexico scorcher. It was non-stop action defined by Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo “Memo” Ochoa acrobatically stonewalling the relentless Yellow-and-Green attack.

Sometimes a draw is as historic as a victory. The Mexican media on both sides of the border treated it as such in the aftermath. Let’s take a look.

La Razon, of Mexico City (front cover pictured above), wins the front page of the day with its beautiful drawing of a stern Ochoa accompanied by a headline that reads simply “Goalkeeper.” It’s a stark and simple sobriquet – reminiscent of the opening scene in Robert Rodriguez’ “Once Upon a Time in Mexico.” In it, the perpetually evil Danny Trejo is looking for our hero Antonio Banderas. Trejo approaches a quivering old man and demands “Mariachi!” The old man whimpers “Which one?” Trejo pauses, then mutters “The.”

La Opinion of Los Angeles splashed the pun “MEMORABLE” on its front page, referencing Guillermo Ochoa’s nickname. Many other headline writers ran with the same play on words. Some English-language papers in the States also found the match front-page worthy, including the Orange County Register and the Albuquerque Journal.

Milenio of Leon went with the far less clever “SUPERMEMO,” which sounds more like the kind of task assigned to a harried law firm associate over a holiday weekend while the partners golf.

Diaro de la Yucatan dug deep into the hyperbole hole by stating that the match was “The Draw That Shook the World.” Did you feel the good vibrations from where you were watching?

Novedades de Quintana Roo of Cancun haled the “golden point” earned by the heroic Ochoa that may just secure Mexico’s sixth successive Round of 16 qualification.


Diario de Morelos of Cuernavaca praised Ochoa for defeating Brazil by stopping at least four shots that were destined for the back of the net.