Kampion: A New Competitive Card Game Featuring Famous Soccer Players Now Available For Download

Artwork by Dave Habennink, with a character named Lovecraftt who resembles Alexi Lalas

There are currently a couple of games types available and another in the works. “Traditional” mode plays by the classic top-trumps rules where a particular statistic is chosen and each player draws cards. The player who draws the card with the highest chosen statistic wins that round. Each card has eight statistics, ranging from speed to temper. The statistics are ranked from one circle to five, and in the case of a few, five and a star (which is the highest). The second game type, “Evolution,” adds a few tricky rules to the “Traditional” game type. But what really interests me is “Revolution.” Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, this game type is still being beta tested and isn’t available. It does promise a deeper game with more strategy than the first two.

If you’re reading this and finding that you too need this (and didn’t even know it) I encourage you to check out kampioncardgame.com, print off some cards, and play with your friends. If you like it, and want to help support, give these guys a follow on social media (@kampioncardgame), or join their mailing list. They’ll let you know when crowdfunding officially begins. Whether you’re a card geek, like me, or just a lover of the beautiful game, this is a really cool idea that could become a bit hit.

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