Top 10 Lines to Use if You Want to Sound Smart About the World Cup

Chances are that if you are visiting World Soccer Talk, you know enough about the World Cup to hold down a semi-intelligent conversation about the tournament at a cocktail party.  However, if you are new to the sport and trying to quickly learn, or are in a profession where you attend numerous events or receptions where the hot topics of the day are discussed, you need a quick primer on how to discuss the world’s greatest sports tournament.  So this guide is for you or your “friend” if you are stuck at a party or event needing to quickly sound smart about soccer.

Here are the top ten generic statements you can make about the World Cup that make you sound like you know what you’re talking about but do not invite in-depth follow-up questions.  Of course, you will not need to use these after you do your homework and watch the World Cup, but this is a stop-gap solution for the next two weeks. Do you have any you would add? Share them in the comments section.

1. The climate in Brazil is going to be a challenge for most of the countries, especially the European ones.

Weather is a safe topic at any event and we generally know what parts of the world are hot or humid versus cold.  Brazil is going to be hot and humid, and for teams/players used to playing in Europe, that will be an adjustment.  You can spin this line off into a discussion of a time you visited a foreign country and your adjustment to the climate, if necessary.

2. Jurgen Klinsmann is changing the way the United States approaches soccer, his style is such an interesting mix of European and traditional American.

This is a semi-safe comment, as you do not commit yourself to the pro-Klinsmann or anti-Kinsmann camp.  The danger is that you may be forced to go into more detail on your thoughts on Klinsmann’s style or selection, but you can always read this article  to help you with that.

3. I like a South American team to win this year, European teams have never played well in a South American-hosted World Cup.

A safe factual statement that few people will vehemently argue with you.

4. One of the players I enjoy watching is Mario Balotelli of Italy.  When he is playing well, Italy is a contender.

Super Mario can be one of the most exciting players in this tournament and if history is a guide (i.e., Euro 2012), an on-form Balotelli is critical to Italy’s chances to advance.  I would argue their attack is actually underrated, but we are keeping it simple in this article.

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