Every four years, the soccer powers and underdogs around the world converge to battle it out to determine who the best soccer nation in the world is. Mix together pride, patriotism, hope, passion and excitement, and you have billions of sports fans from around the planet cheering on their country, in the hopes of winning the World Cup.

In sport, anything can happen. Of course, there are favorites and world-class superstars, but it comes down to a combination of skill, luck, determination and the ability to hit the best form at just the right time. The winner of the 2014 FIFA World Cup will have to navigate through seven matches to be crowned champions. One loss and it could be over depending on the stage of the tournament.

So, who will win the World Cup? Instead of focusing on all of the expert opinions from journalists, pundits or computer simulations, it’s time to ask YOU, the fans, who YOU think will win.

Tell us in the comments section below who you think will win the tournament, and give us your reason why.