Brian McBride on the World Cup, Landon Donovan and Giving Back to the Community

Brian McBride spoke with World Soccer Talk about Allstate’s community outreach program, Good Hands F.C., the U.S. National Team’s chances in Brazil and what it was like to go to McBride’s bar in Craven’s Cottage.


What motivated you to start playing soccer?

“When I was a kid, I just loved being outside and playing sports. What really got me into soccer was when I moved schools between first grade and second grade. At my school in first grade, it was football, so at recess you played football and you did what your friends did. When we moved to the new school everyone played soccer and I really liked it and enjoyed it. Of course, me being a really energetic and rambunctious kid, I really enjoyed it plus the running and exercise part was an added bonus.”

At what age did you think, “I’m pretty good at this, I can make a career out of it”?

“Back in that day there was very few options, so I think I had a great idea where the dream of it was being possible right around sophomore year in high school. I had to decide what type of language I’d like to take and I was like, “Hmm maybe playing in Germany would be good. So I’ll take German.” And then about half-way through the semester, I realized that was never happening so I stopped taking German. That was the first time, to be honest. The first real inkling I got was my sophomore year in college my coach said there was an agent that was interested in setting me up with a trial after college was done.”

Do you have a favorite moment from your pro career?

“I think you look at special moments and special periods and it’s probably pretty obvious but the 2002 World Cup was an amazing time for me. I think things just seemed to be going right and the team was on top of things. I had just gotten married, my wife was there, my daughter was there and we were able to actually stay in the same hotel so the whole experience itself was just had a very big family aspect and one I’ll just always remember and cherish.”

Who was the best player you ever played against?

“That’s tough just because there’s so many extremely talented players that I was fortunate enough to play against. I couldn’t just pick out just one special player.”

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