Prozone Planning On Releasing Version of its Software to Soccer Fans

There is a new way of looking over soccer tactics, conducting team practices, and giving management a better understanding of their soccer club and players: Performance Analysis. We are starting to see more companies provide information in regards to performance analysis — companies such as StatDNA and Opta provide club teams or fans information on how a certain player is performing and/or look at the team overall.

One company that is working with clubs around the world is Prozone. I recently interviewed Prozone’s U.S. Operations Manager Stewart Mairs, and discussed the company and the services they provide.

So who is Prozone? Prozone was established in 1995 and has been pioneering performance analysis for 19 years and have set the standard in performance analysis industry. Their mission is to deliver insight that has an on-field impact, through their technology and expertise in consultancy. One of their goals is to move into media, rugby, and multisport. Prozone’s U.S. office is located in Chicago, IL and run by Mairs who wears a number of different hats from being in charge of sales operations to account management to consulting.

Mairs has been with the company for 10 years and has seen first hand the change in the ways they use performance data. Mairs studied at Hull University in the area of Sports Science. Coming out of college he worked for Virgin Active Gym, in which, he applied for a position at Prozone. The only position available at Prozone was to be stationed out in the Middle East. Mairs moved abroad to Abu Dhabi and worked with Al Jazira FC for five years.

The main reasons why Mairs likes working for Prozone is because, for him, he believes they have always tried to be one step ahead of the game and work with hard working individuals who have been with the company for a long time. Most of the individuals have worked at soccer clubs and are driving to move the industry forward.

Prozone is changing and helping soccer’s management in three key areas: classroom, training, and in games. Prozone can track the movement of profiles, focus on attacking ends, and help find a defensive balance. The way they are able to do this is by collecting data. However, Mairs is a purist, and stresses the importance of how to collect and deliver the data. “There is a lot of talk about the use of data, but it needs to be applied correctly from the top down,” states Mairs. Prozone and Mairs focus on having reliable and accurate data in order to provide consistent services to their clients.

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