How Atletico Madrid Built a World-Class Team On a Foundation of Spiraling Debt

On the deal with the kit sponsors, Atletico are currently into their second agreement with the Azerbaijan tourist board – a deal that raised eyebrows. It paid a great €18 million for the first 18-month deal. The well-documented human rights abuses in that country stirred debate about the suitability of the sponsors.

Furthermore, it was also reported in 2011 that €52 million was owed by Atletico in wages to their own club staff. This comprised around 81% of their total pending wage bill. Playmaker Diego, during his last spell at the club, filed an unpaid wages complaint for around €59,000.

There remains a sense of stability at the moment around the Vincente Calderon ahead of the club’s move to the Olympic Stadium in 2016. There remains no doubt that the Atletico empire features a shaky foundation. For how long will Simeone stay? Will the funds be given to him to strengthen the team? Will their class performers like Aguero and David de Gea continue to be sold to gain some financial safety?

This will be Atletico’s last and final chance at home and abroad for a long period. They should convert it making the most of it because they have spent a long enough time living the high life while someone else definitely picked up the tab. Austerity looms on the horizon.

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