World Soccer Talk is currently seeking new writers to cover the Beautiful Game.

With the World Cup just around the corner and the European seasons coming to a close, the timing is perfect to begin writing for World Soccer Talk, to share your passion, opinions and analysis about the world’s most popular sport.

With World Soccer Talk expanding its coverage last year, we’re always looking for thought-provoking or opinionated articles about any topics that are interesting about the world’s game. No league or team is too niche. Plus there always the opportunity to write about the coverage of the sport and the culture surrounding it — whether it’s soccer commentators, TV coverage, video games, soccer apps or anything soccer-related.

We’re always looking for quality writers. But we’re also expanding our search for writers who are well versed on the teams participating in this summer’s World Cup. So whether you’re an expert on a specific national team or you’re from that country, we’re particularly interested in having you write for us if your copy is good enough.

For a select few writers, there’s also the opportunity of appearing on the World Soccer Talk Podcast as one of the experts of your favorite national team.

World Soccer Talk offers you an opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience writing for a major soccer website. It’s helped launch the careers of several of our alumni, who have gone on to have professional careers at NBC, FOX and ESPN.

More than 500,000 soccer fans around the world trust World Soccer Talk for their soccer news, analysis and opinion each month.

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