Why Manchester United Would Be Better Off Not Qualifying for the Europa League

David Moyes has found himself under severe pressure in his first season in the job. Saturday’s fan protest banner, whilst seemingly having had the opposite effect to their intentions, does underline a growing feeling among supporters that Alex Ferguson may have got this one wrong. Talk of a hefty summer spending spree to rebuild United’s ageing defense and faltering midfield is common. Should David Moyes be the man trusted with the rumored warchest, he may well appreciate a chance to build his new side away from the European spotlight. The Scotsman would be unlikely to survive a second season like the current one, particularly at a club like Manchester United. It will also likely prove hard enough embedding six or seven new signings into the squad. It is a difficult endeavor and that’s without having to traipse his team to the other side of Europe every Thursday night.

Whether or not David Moyes keeps his job this summer could well depend on the availability of names such as Jurgen Klopp and Diego Simeone. But if David Moyes does remain in his role, it is likely to be the most important summer transfer window in the clubs rich history. The Sunday Telegraph newspaper this week suggested that up to £200 million will be available to spend. As important as recruiting new players will be, clearing the squad of highly paid under-motivated and under-performing players will be as important. Having to bolster a squad for a Europa League challenge would make this more difficult for the Manchester United manager.

Yes, the Europa League may provide a financial boost and a welcome distraction to the Premier League grind. Middlesbrough enjoyed a fantastic run that highlighted their season in 2006. Rangers also enjoyed a famous campaign that led to the final in 2008. However this is Manchester United. A club that demands success and fully believes that they should be looking to Europe’s grandest stage. The Europa League should be seen as an unwanted detour on the way back to the top.

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