Twitter is a wonderful tool. It is also a harbinger of rumor mongering. A faceless entity that does not discriminate, that was exemplified by the situation surrounding Mike Magee at Chicago.

The Illinois native was delighted to finally make his way home last season, and showed his happiness by collecting the league’s MVP award and taking Chicago to the edge of the playoffs. An arduous off-season saw Magee disappear from the scene, citing a “personal situation.” Many claimed it was frustration that his deal was not being bumped up enough for his liking.

Speaking earlier this month, Chicago Fire Technical Director Brian Bliss said:

“The plan all along in the offseason was to eventually address Mike’s situation. However the deal internally — and even publicly — (wasn’t) something that we were going to do until we got better clarity on our roster and better clarity on our roster cap.”

The 29-year-old Magee is yet to take the field this season. To further muddy matters, Magee said at the weekend he was not injured, only for Frank Yallop to contradict his forward.

Having taken one point from their opening two games, it is important the situation with Magee is rectified quickly. A talented individual, the ambiguity surrounding him quickly spreads to the rest of the team, as it remains to be seen whether Chicago will sink or swim this season.