WATCH The Top 10 World Cup Commercials Of All Time [VIDEO]

With World Cup commercials, an all-time list of the best 10 isn’t quite all time because of the lack of commercials that are easily accessible prior to 1998. Still, there are plenty of gems to be watched again and again as anticipation builds for Brazil, and we’re already seeing betting odds on the World Cup. Hopefully the best World Cup advertisements are yet to come.

Here are the top 10 World Cup commercials of all time:

10. 2010 ESPN Classic – England 5, Germany 1

It wasn’t a World Cup game, but it’s possibly England’s favorite post-1966 moment. The 5-1 drubbing of Germany in a 2002 qualifier will forever live in the mind, but ESPN Classic gave it a voice in this little-known spot promoting classic games in the lead-up to the 2010 tournament. It’s a low-budget ad, but it’s essentially British – even if the people portrayed don’t have that certain air of gloom necessary.

9. 1998 MasterCard – Price to Paris

It’s not easy always easy to find commercials from the pre 2002 World Cups, and certainly the most recent World Cup has advantages in these rankings. But this MasterCard effort from France ’98 is worthy because it beautifully portrays France, along with the hopes and dreams of fans traveling to the World Cup Finals.

8. 2002 Nike – Knockout

This ad is very close to the Jose Adidas effort from 2006, but it’s a little darker. These games seem like they’re being played in some faraway dungeon, a fantasy of what soccer at it’s highest and purest level can be. Only the sportswear companies can gather so many legends of the game at one time, and Nike takes full advantage here.

7. 2010 ESPN – Robben Island

The host nation for a World Cup is always highlighted for the world to see. South Africa was a special host, and it was a country with special stories. This one, about a soccer league forming on Robben Island during apartheid is as true as it is poetic poignant, and hopeful.

6. 2006, ESPN/ABC – Closes The Shops

ESPN/ABC’s 2006 World Cup coverage wasn’t exactly a bright spot in the tournament’s media history, but this ad gets it just right. The game of soccer is so simple, and so powerful at the same time. At World Cup time, it shuts down the world so it can change it forever.

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