Google Chromecast Product Review: How Useful Is It For Soccer Fans?


To use Chromecast, I popped open a Chrome browser and navigated to a streamed match. Perfect timing as I was able to catch the final whistle.

It worked really nice. I was able to cast / fling / stream the video to the TV and continue working on other items. Even if I opened a second tab, it stayed with the original tab and continued showing the match. I really like this feature – checking mail, working, etc. while watching a match at home is nice.

All good. I still need to figure out what’s happening on the Mac Mini but if I needed to work while watching a match, I’d use the laptop.

On the mobile side, I don’t really have an answer. While it appears I can use YouTube or Netflix to cast / fling / stream video to the TV, I’m not sure how this will help me keep up with soccer.

Maybe there’s a YouTube channel for soccer I can subscribe to?


All in all, Google Chromecast is an inexpensive and really simple way to cast / fling / stream video to your TV. As someone who does not subscribe to the monthly torture of a cable / satellite bill, I can see this being incredibly useful.

At the same time, I’ve been way too spoiled by Apple and AirPlay, especially since it’s a system-level feature. I can mirror / extend (Yay, Mavericks!) any application from the mobile / computer device to the TV.

As noted earlier

  • We are an Apple household – With AirPlay heavily used from all of our devices, Chromecast doesn’t make sense for us – Perhaps it makes more sense for Android homes?
  • We don’t subscribe to cable or satellite television – This has little relevance after all since Chromecast casts / flings / streams video only from specific applications.

I’ll keep the Chromecast device plugged in, mainly because we have an extra slot for the HDMI and power. If we didn’t, I don’t think I’d keep this around.

Ps – If you’re thinking of purchasing Chromecast through Amazon, you can find it here (affiliate link).

Editor’s note: If you own Google Chromecast, have you tried flinging games from NBC Sports Live Extra to your TV set? Does it work or not? Have you tried to do the same with FOX Soccer 2GO or other soccer streaming products? Share your experiences and feedback in the comments section below.

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