Google Chromecast Product Review: How Useful Is It For Soccer Fans?

Editor’s note: Chromecast is a new technology from Google that allows you to plug it into a HDMI port on your television, and then you can literally “fling” programs from your mobile, tablet or laptop device to your TV screen, so you can watch it on your TV instead of the device that’s sitting on or next to your lap. World Soccer Talk writer William Anderson recently took Google Chromecast for a test drive.

After leaving the Google Chromecast box on my desk for a few weeks, I set it up on a recent weekend. Here are my thoughts.

A few things to start us off with:

  • We are an Apple household
  • We don’t subscribe to cable or satellite television
  • I am a Liverpool supporter

All three of these points will come into play. Let’s get started.


The adapter, wires and instructions all came in a simple box. The instructions were dead simple and they all made sense. The less you talk about packaging and instructions, the better.

Delivery from was straight-forward. I did miss out on the initial shipment but that was me being lazy.

There are really two parts to the setup – hardware and software.


The hardware piece was easy to setup. Since we had an extra power outlet (how did we have an open outlet??), I plugged the power adapter into the backend of the Chromecast, then plugged in the power cord. The Chromecast device plugged into an open HDMI port on the back of our TV (again, how did that happen??).

You can use the AC adapter (what I used) or there’s a separate connector that plugs into a USB port on your TV. The former is recommended by Google.

I had to remove our Apple TV HDMI cable to take the picture above but, even though they are stacked ports, both cables fit without any interference from one another.

There is a light on the Chromecast device that blinks initially then stays on once configured. I don’t know if this would interrupt any potential naps but the light seems pretty dim (and it’s on the back of our TV – phew).

Hardware installed.


Installing software took a few more steps but was still hassle free. On the computers (Macbook Pro, Mac Mini), I opened Chrome and went to There are a handful of steps to walk through – nothing out of the ordinary or complex.

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