World Cup 2014 TV Schedule For June 12-26: Find Out When Your Team Plays

Now that the draw has been made for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, we finally know what teams will be playing on the different dates for the first round of the competition, with plenty of mouthwatering matches scheduled. Plus we know what the kick-off times are for each match.

For viewers in the United States, we’ll find out in the near future which games will be on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2.

Group A
Brazil (A1)
Croatia (A2)
Mexico (A3)
Cameroon (A4)

Group B
Spain (B1)
Netherlands (B2)
Chile (B3)
Australia (B4)

Group C
Colombia (C1)
Greece (C2)
Ivory Coast (C3)
Japan (C4)

Group D
Uruguay (D1)
Costa Rica (D2)
England (D3)
Italy (D4)

Group E
Switzerland (E1)
Ecuador (E2)
France (E3)
Honduras (E4)

Group F
Argentina (F1)
Bosnia (F2)
Iran (F3)
Nigeria (F4)

Group G
Germany (G1)
Portugal (G2)
Ghana (G3)
USA (G4)

Group H
Belgium (H1)
Algeria (H2)
Russia (H3)
South Korea (H4)

Here are the kick-off times for World Cup 2014. All times Eastern.

Thursday, June 12
Brazil vs Croatia, 4pm ET

Friday, June 13
Mexico vs Cameroon, Noon ET
Spain vs Holland, 3pm ET
Chile vs Australia, 6pm ET

Saturday, June 14
Colombia vs Greece, Noon ET
Uruguay vs Costa Rica, 3pm ET
England vs Italy, 6pm ET
Ivory Coast vs Japan, 9pm ET

Sunday, June 15
Switzerland vs Ecuador, Noon ET
France vs Honduras, 3pm ET
Argentina vs Bosnia, 6pm ET

Monday, June 16
Germany vs Portugal, Noon ET
Iran vs Nigeria, 3pm ET
Ghana vs USA, 6pm ET

Tuesday, June 17
Belgium vs Algeria, Noon ET
Brazil vs Mexico, 3pm ET
Russia vs South Korea, 6pm ET

Wednesday, June 18
Australia vs Holland, Noon ET
Spain vs Chile, 3pm ET
Cameroon vs Croatia, 6pm ET

Thursday, June 19
Colombia vs Ivory Coast, Noon ET
Uruguay vs England, 3pm ET
Japan vs Greece, 6pm ET

Friday, June 20
Italy vs Costa Rica, Noon ET
Switzerland vs France, 3pm ET
Honduras vs Ecuador, 6pm ET

Saturday, June 21
Argentina vs Iran, Noon ET
Germany vs Ghana, 3pm ET
Nigeria vs Bosnia, 6pm ET

Sunday, June 22
Belgium vs Russia, Noon ET
South Korea vs Algeria, 3pm ET
USA vs Portugal, 6pm ET, live on ABC

Monday, June 23
Australia vs Spain, Noon ET
Holland vs Chile, Noon ET
Croatia vs Mexico, 4pm ET
Cameroon vs Brazil, 4pm ET

Tuesday, June 24
Costa Rica vs England, Noon ET
Italy vs Uruguay, Noon ET
Japan vs Colombia, 4pm ET
Greece vs Ivory Coast, 4pm ET

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