Interview With Patrick Barclay: The Art Of Football Writing

It was fascinating to look into not only him, but the times in which he lived in with things going on like the first World War and the rise of America. It was a time of immense change, and I’ve tried to reflect that in the book.

The only sense of sadness I have as I finish the book is that I couldn’t meet him. But I suppose you can’t have everything, certainly not a time machine!

MJ: Finally, where can our readers find more of your writing?

PB: Google my name! I also write Monday to Thursday in the London Evening Standard and I would be thrilled to hear from any readers from World Soccer Talk on their website.

You can read Paddy’s articles for the London Evening Standard here.

Editor’s note: EPL Talk Podcast host Laurence McKenna had the pleasure of sitting down with Barclay in 2010 for a series of one-on-one interviews, which shine more light on one of the top writers in the game. Those videos are included below:

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