Only The Players Can Save Manchester United’s Season

Manchester United have been granted a brief reprieve with their 3-2 come-from-behind victory over Stoke City today. But for many supporters, the performance of the team for the majority of the match was extremely poor. If it weren’t for the efforts of Wayne Rooney, Adnan Januzaj, David de Gea and Chicharito, the Red Devils would have been answering some serious questions following the match at Old Trafford.

For die-hard United supporters, they will be hoping this match is a turning point in the season and the post-Alex Ferguson era. Perhaps the game is invoking thoughts of past United squads who played poorly, but still found ways to leave with the three points. But that answer won’t be clear until the club puts a string of wins together.

As stated in earlier articles, Manchester United’s issues are numerous and have been progressing over time. The retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, a lack of activity in the summer transfer window, and David Moyes’ inexperience at a ‘big’ club have all been excuses used by supporters and members of the media.

United has staggered through the early parts of the Premier League season. Stories have been floated by news outlets stating that Manchester United will be investing heavily during the January transfer window. But as most football fans are aware, it is rare and difficult for a club to improve its squad in the winter market.

So for United supporters hoping for a January windfall, here is a message: “Get used to the current players in Manchester United’s squad”. The names won’t be changing and this is the team who will be responsible for any success this season.

The early failures at Old Trafford are not the fault of David Moyes or his tactics. The negative product is direct result of management’s inability to buy top flight talent and the complacency/lack of focus of United players’.

The majority of blame lays on the squad’s shoulders. They openly accepted the challenge after the club’s failure to add quality.

Just after the summer window closed, Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand said: “We’ve got a strong enough squad to win everything.” He went on to say, “We have quality at our disposal. We won the league at a canter last season and we’ve not become a bad team overnight. We believe strongly in what we have got.” His words were echoed by teammates and management.

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