Watch Or Listen to ‘This Week In Soccer’ Every Monday at 5:30pm ET

Beginning today, the weekly World Soccer Talk discussion show is moving to a live format. Every Monday at 5:30pm ET/10:30pm UK time, you can watch This Week In Soccer live at

The weekly soccer show features intelligent discussions about many of the big topics in world soccer that are often overlooked or not given enough time to discuss. If you’ve missed any of the episodes, catch up on the first six episodes of This Week In Soccer today.

Today’s topics are:

1. What’s a reasonable expectation for David Moyes’s first season at United?

2. To what extent is soccer just SUPPOSED to be played on grass?

3. Should FIFA members begin speaking out against Qatar worker slavery now?

To watch and listen to the show live, visit at 5:30pm ET today. The panelists today are Richard Farley (NBC Sports), Kartik Krishnaiyer (senior writer for World Soccer Talk) and Laurence McKenna (host of the EPL Talk Podcast on World Soccer Talk).

With the show moving to a live format, you’ll have an opportunity to engage with the panelists — by asking questions in the comments section, or adding your opinions that can help fuel the discussion.

Watch the show live today at 5:30pm ET/10:30pm UK time.

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