Yeovil Lets Birmingham City Score Unopposed Goal Against Them [VIDEO]

Yeovil Town let Birmingham City score an unopposed goal against them after a controversial decision erupted in Tuesday night’s Carling Cup match.

The extraordinary circumstances happened after one of Birmingham’s players got injured in the match. Birmingham City’s goalkeeper kicked the ball out to allow the player to be treated. But when play resumed, instead of passing the ball back to Birmingham City, Yeovil decided to take advantage of the opportunity and then scored a goal against Birmingham City in injury time.

With the score locked at 2-2 after 90 minutes, the match went into extra time. Yeovil then went 3-2 ahead in the 105th minute, but after much protest by Birmingham, Yeovil decided to allow Birmingham City to walk in a goal in the 106th minute where none of the Yeovil players or goalkeeper tried to prevent the goal from being scored. The scoreline was then 3-3.

With the match tied after extra time, Birmingham City went on to win the match on penalty kicks.

In his post-match interview, Birmingham City manager Lee Clark called the decision “poor sportsmanship.”

The videos from the match are well-worth watching. First, here’s Clark’s abrasive answers to question about the incident in an interview he did with the club’s TV channel:

And here’s video of Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson answering claims of poor sportsmanship by his players, as well as video highlights of the Birmingham City players and manager protesting, as well as the goal that was allowed to be scored unopposed:

The Championship league match between Yeovil Town and Birmingham City will certainly be one to circle on your calendar. The two clubs next face each other on January 18, 2014.

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