Only a few days remain before the new soccer season begins, so it’s perfect timing to take a look at the new kits that have been released the judge what ones are the worst of the worst.

Here are the 10 worst that I’ve seen for next season:

10. Cardiff City’s Home Shirt. It’s not ugly but…

So it’s not enough that the owners changed the colors from blue to red but as you can see above, the club used two different tones of red in the shorts and the shirt.  It’s not so much that it’s ugly but considering how many other prominent teams wear red and wear it well, this design is boring and uninspired.

Thankfully, Cardiff City decided to change the shorts color to something more appealing.

9. A tie between Fenerbahce Home and Stoke City Away Shirt. If the lights go out, will they glow?

It looks like the goal here was to be ‘electrifying’ and, hopefully, with these kits it translates to that same level of play.

8. A tie between AC Milan’s Third Shirt and FC Copenhagen’s Home Shirt.  “I love gooooooold.” 

Austin Powers’ Goldmember would love these kits, but few others would.

While AC Milan’s design is just garish, Copenhagen’s kit looked like it escaped from an 80’s back-up dancer’s closet and he wants it back!

7. Paris Saint-Germain Home Shirt. One just can’t make up their minds on this design.

This design left many scratching their heads too. It’s another kit that’s not really ugly but it’s not really ‘pretty’ either and one can’t really put their finger on what it is.

6. Manchester United Away Shirt.  So it worked for home, why not do it away?

When Nike run out of ideas, they flip the colors and that’s exactly what this is.  Last year, red, this year blue.  Many get the idea of a tribute, but this was never a good design idea to begin with.

5. Newcastle United Away Shirt. Look! We are sponsoring this shirt. Can you see us? 

It looks like Puma couldn’t figure out which tones of blue they wanted to use so they tossed three different shades on a kit to see what sticks and that’s still not counting the big bright blue logo that sticks out like a sore thumb.

4. Swansea City Away Shirt. Future fool-proof.

If Blade Runner actually existed, and there was a footy team, they would wear this…and nobody would watch.

3. Bordeaux Away Shirt.  So cool that even the cool kids wouldn’t wear this.

If this shirt was being sold at retailer Aeropostale, Old Navy or one of those pretentious clothing boutiques that twenty-something kids adore, it works. But this one, as a soccer shirt, fails miserably.

Let’s introduce the last two by wishing that the Warriors didn’t come out to play.

2. Sevilla Home Shirt. Business casual?

Look at that stripe and tell yourself that it absolutely does not scream ‘Place Necktie Here’.

1. A tie between Liverpool’s Away and Third Shirts. 


Whoever at Warrior approved these last 2 designs must really hate Liverpool Football Club.  They are ugly, garish and look like something from either a ski shop or a 90’s garbage bin.  Liverpool supporters, we feel for you. But if you get caught wearing these designs, you will walk alone. Kit designers should take note. This is NOT how you design a kit for a team with the traditions of Liverpool FC.

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