Play Euro Fantasy League: A New Soccer Game With A Twist

With so many fantasy football games to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of choices. But with the brand-new game called Euro Fantasy League, this fantasy game offers a major difference — you can select players from up to five of the top European leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue Un), all in the same team.

The game works similarly to other fantasy soccer games where you create a team from a fixed budget in order to gain points based on the performance of each player. But in another twist, each team that’s played in Euro Fantasy League is unique. No two players will have the same team.

If you’re a fan of European soccer, Euro Fantasy League gives the opportunity to challenge your knowledge of the beautiful game by picking the best footballers from the continent. Plus, you can transfer out up to five players each month to make sure your team stays as current as possible in case of injuries or poor form.

Since the game offers you a choice of players from all five top European leagues, it took me over an hour to set up my team since I had over 2,000 players to choose from. The selection process is intuitive and straightforward. You can even choose a color for your team kit. Euro Fantasy League also guides through your choices by showing each player’s stats, along with the points earned from last year. That said, I would have liked to see the stats go back further, but that’s a minor quibble.

Similarly to most other fantasy games, you can create mini-leagues and invite others to play with you.

If you’d prefer to play only one of the European leagues instead of selecting players from all five, you can do that too.

The free version of Euro Fantasy League is the single-league game. But if you sign up for the single-league version of the game for $6.99 for the season (or $19.99 for a five-team package), you can win one of several cash prizes.

For the multi-league game where you can select your team from any of the five top leagues, it’s just $11.99 for one team or $29.99 for a five-team package for the entire season. Again, there’s plenty of cash prizes for you to win based on the number of points you score.

Euro Fantasy League offers the top 5 winners monetary prizes at the end of the season. The game also offers the top three winners of every partial season prizes as well. There are five partial seasons in a full season.

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