What to Expect From the Bundesliga This Season

As the first of the traditional big leagues is set to kick off, the world will be watching with a renewed interest at the happenings in Germany’s Bundesliga. After the league suffered heavily during the 2000’s, the Bundesliga has regained its reputation as one of the world’s best.

After Germany’s painful experience at the European Championships in 2000, the league form also underwent some restructuring, and their steady supply of teams to the Champions League final halted when Zidane’s memorable volley defeated Ballack’s Leverkusen. While Bayern Munich rebounded quicker than the rest of the league, reaching the Champions League final in 2010 against Mourinho’s Inter, Bayern’s progress is usually not necessarily seen in tandem with that of the league. Dortmund’s disappointing Champions League campaign in 2012 reminded everyone that German football and Bayern Munich are not necessarily two sides of the same coin.

Last year however, the Germans deserved the accolades that accompanied their historic feat; they did so by demolishing their opposition and in doing so, created fans for life.

The start of the Bundesliga season will also be watched with interest from Spain and the rest of the world, to see whether Pep Guardiola can emulate the success of Jupp Heynckes and also live up to the reputation he left behind at Barcelona.

Unfortunately, many are not expecting a tight race at the top. While the Germans generally believe that the Bundesliga does not go more than 3 seasons without being won by Bayern, the talent they have acquired may lead to a long-term success. Bayern are currently light up front with no top class striker present to fill in for Mandzukic in case of an injury, but their midfield can score an overwhelming amount of goals. Bayern’s biggest problem is at the back where they did not strengthen after Badstuber’s lengthy injury spell was revealed. They settled dealings with Kirchhoff from Mainz in January, but the young center-back is inexperienced and will have a hard time settling in especially for the Champions League.

After being able to wrangle Lewandowski from the clutches of Bayern for at least another year, Dortmund has been busy spending that Goetze money on Armenian Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Dortmund also signed Aubeymyang, who is relatively unknown outside of France, but an absolute hero back in Gabon. The young striker has a good strike ratio and should act as a back-up for Lewandowski, although his agility and vision may be used to fill in for Goetze. How Dortmund will finish is always a gamble, but if they play anything like they did in the Supercup, Dortmund could be in the running for the title.

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