NBC Sports has been incredibly busy in recent weeks with their promotion campaign leading up to the launch of their Premier League matches beginning August 17. In addition to all of the advertising on subway cars, billboards and television, the network will be launching three new shows. Two of them were mentioned last week — the Premier League Club Selection Show and Premier League Countdown. But now we have news of a third show, as well as more details about the other two.

The show’s name is Premier League Download, which is described by NBC Sports as follows: “With the help of a number of high-profile celebrity supporters, comedians and journalists, Premier League Download will explore what it is that’s so intensely loved — and loathed — about England’s topflight league. Long-time supporters will enjoy the lively commentary, while new fans will learn the language of the only league that matters.”

No news is available as of press time in regarding when it’ll air, but it certainly sounds intriguing. Reportedly four episodes of the show will air.

Meanwhile, we can share more details about Premier League Club Selection Show, which debuts Thursday night on NBC Sports Network at 7:30pm ET. The show will feature Rebecca Lowe and Kyle Martino taking a look at all 20 clubs. The show will help people who don’t have a team to pick a side. It includes guest appearances by Men In Blazers, Michelle Beadle, Football Four Eyes and others.

Premier League Countdown, which debuts on Thursday night at 8pm ET on NBC Sports Network, will feature Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe taking a look at the top ten storylines for the upcoming season.