Chelsea Make Second Bid for Wayne Rooney; Manchester United Say No Again

UPDATED: Manchester United have turned down a second bid from Chelsea for striker Wayne Rooney. The latest bid was £25million plus add-ons, according to a report by the Press Association.

A spokesperson for Manchester United confirmed the second offer from Chelsea, commenting “”A bid was received yesterday and immediately rejected. Our position remains that he is not for sale.”

Chelsea made their first bid for Rooney in mid-July for a reported £10million plus a player.

Wayne Rooney was expected to be part of Manchester United’s squad for their friendly tomorrow in Stockholm, Sweden against AIK. However, David Moyes reports that Wayne Rooney has a shoulder injury that he suffered on Saturday, so he won’t be traveling with the team to play in the friendly.

What’s your opinion? Do you think the injury report about Rooney is legitimate, or are United trying to sit Rooney out since he may still be upset about United refusing to let him go?

Also, do you think Chelsea are toying with Manchester United by purposely trying to bid a lot lower than his value, in order to unsettle Rooney or to try to get him at a low price since the footballer is obviously upset at United? Or is £25million a reasonable value for a player who is not in his prime? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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