TacticalPad is a software solution that helps coaches, media, pundits and hardcore soccer fans visualize soccer tactics in a whole new way on Windows as well as iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Whether you’re a soccer coach or a hardcore soccer fan that’s looking for a better way to display and analyze soccer tactics, TacticalPad has the features you need.

With TacticalPad, you can:

  • · Generate tactics and export them as images;
  • · Animate and export videos of your tactics;
  • · Generate 3D views of the positioning;
  • · Edit videos that feature the best plays;
  • · Use photos instead of just names and numbers; and
  • · Customize the teams you create with the team shirts available.

The software, which was developed in Brazil, is already in use by many of the top clubs such as Corinthians, Palmeiras, Sao Paulo, Gremio, Fluminense and Flamengo.

In Europe, coaches from Paris Saint-Germain and Fiorentina are also using the software to enhance their tactical analysis.

In the United States some teams are already experiencing the benefits of using TacticalPad:

“This software is an excellent visual aid in teaching tactics to players.”

Helio D’Anna – Head Coach at Lincoln Memorial University, TN

“TacticalPad allows me to illustrate my message to the players in multiple forms, so that they better understand the principles I am teaching”.

Peter Underwood – University of Nebraska-Lincoln Women’s Assistant Coach – Nebraska Huskers

No matter if you’re planning to use TacticalPad on a professional or recreational basis, the software is easy enough to use and fast to accomplish the simplest or most challenging task.

Using TacticalPad is simple, quick and intuitive. You can create a new project or load a previous one. Using the built-in tools, it’s easy to add balls, cones, lines or footballers to the pitch. You can pick and choose between the teams you have stored in TacticalPad, in addition to changing your team rosters and customizing them by player name and their position on the field.

On top of that, you have the ability to create and customize different “boards,” which are the different tactical setups you have. This way, you can go back to the ones you use most often, or load saved ones that you created previously.

With the free TacticalPad Elite Demo (30-day trial) version, you get a good understanding of how dynamic the software is. Features in the Windows Elite version of the software include video analyzing, 3D visualizations and more.

With the option to create 3D visualizations of your tactics with TacticalPad, you can better visualize spatial awareness between the players and their positions on the pitch.

Another feature of the Windows Elite version is the video editing abilities where you can load videos of games from DVD or digitally, and make annotations on-screen over the videos. You can control the playback speed, easily mark important cue points and build playlists so you have tactical footage from real games to better illustrate your point, or to help study your opponent so you can prepare your lineups accordingly.

The quality and attention to detail in the graphics is exemplary. The graphics in TacticalPad look and feel like a world-class computer program. TacticalPad offers, at your fingertips, a powerful application, and one that is a very aesthetically pleasing way to visually display your tactics on-screen.

TacticalPad is available on multiple platforms and for other sports as well (Indoor Soccer, Basketball, Handball, Hockey and Rugby).

Windows Version:
A free 30-day trial of TacticalPad is available for download.
Price for the Elite version is $129.00.

iPad/iPhone Versions:
The free TacticalPad Lite version is available on App Store.
Price for the TacticalPad Pro version is $19.99 on App Store.

Android Version:
The free TacticalPad Lite version is available on Google Play for download.
Price for the TacticalPad Pro version is $19.99 on Google Play.

Below, the TacticalPad’s features table for each version: