Missing Sky Sports News On US TV? Here are 4 Ways To Continue Tuning In

3. Watch more Sky Sports News video clips. While the Sky Sports News Report segments (see number 1 above) feature many of the segments that the show runs throughout the day, you can watch the news stories via on-demand video (not live) at www1.skysports.com/watch/video

4. Listen to Sky Sports News via radio. The popular Tunein app, that allows you to listen to great radio stations and podcasts via the web or mobile devices (including the EPL Talk Podcast), features a live radio feed of Sky Sports News Radio. While the broadcast is different than Sky Sports News on television and uses different news readers, a lot of the major breaking stories you’ll see on TV are covered on the radio. Listen now via Tunein.

Last, but not least, there are always online pirated streams that broadcast Sky Sports News live via your computer, but we don’t recommend or advocate them.

If you enjoy watching Sky Sports News and you’d like to see it continue to be aired on FOX Soccer (and FOX Sports 1, as of August 17), your best bet is to let FOX Soccer know via their contact form at http://msn.foxsports.com/feedback.

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